Sabtu, 14 September 2013

lirik lagu mirror - justin timberlake

Aren't you something to admire,cause your shine is something like a mirrorAnd I can't help but noticeyou reflect in this heart of mineIf you ever feel alone and the glare makes me hard to findJust know that I'm always parallell on the other side
Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soulI can tell you there's no place we couldn't goJust put your hand on the past, I'm here tryin' to pull you throughYou just gotta be strong
Cause I don't wanna lose you nowI'm lookin' right at the other half of meThe vacancy that sat in my heartIs a space that now you holdShow me how to fight for nowAnd I'll tell you baby, it was easyComin' back into you once I figured it outYou were right here all alongIt's like you're my mirrorMy mirror staring back at meI couldn't get any biggerWith anyone else beside of meAnd now it's clear as this promiseThat we're making two reflections into oneCause it's like you're my mirrorMy mirror staring back at me, staring back at me
Aren't you somethin', an original, cause it doesn't seem merely assembledAnd I can't help but stare cause I see truth somewhere in your eyesI can't ever change without you, you reflect me, I love that about youAnd if I could, I would look at us all the time
Yesterday is historyTomorrow's a mysteryI can see you lookin' back at meKeep your eyes on meBaby, keep your eyes on me
Baby you're the inspiration for this precious songAnd I just wanna see your face light up since you put me onSo now I say goodbye to the old me, it's already goneAnd I can't wait wait wait wait wait to get you homeJust to let you know, you are

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Achmad Juanzah mengatakan...

kak, tolong diberi maknanya juga ya kak, tiap bait lagunya

cendol hijau mengatakan...

Senegane lagune hahhaha

D'zaky Blog mengatakan...

itu lagunya aku toh kaaa :P hahaha jangan disebar luaskan lah

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